The Art of Soccer

Everywhere we go, there is art.  Admiring it is a matter of personal appreciation.

The beauty of art is that it can be expressed in a thousand ways.  But, what is art and how is it expressed?

Defining art is not an easy task since it has many meanings.  It entails emotions, memories, feelings… So much work behind it, and a whole story ahead.  What is beautiful about art is that it can be admired in an array of expressions -painting, sculpture, photography, film, and even in writing, through poetry.

But there is something in particular that connects many Latin Americans in a special way with their country of origin.  Something that makes many forget their problems and recall their passions.  Something that causes such excitement that they lose a lung in every shout.  It is something that connects a person with their team in such a way that its colors become very important.  We suppose you can begin to imagine, right?  Yes.  It’s the sport that makes the world go round.  Soccer.

Do you have a favorite team?  What can you tell us about your country’s team?  You are starting to feel it, right?  You are not alone in this.  Many of us can relate to it, because we know that watching your team play is a complete ritual… listening to your Country’s National anthem… Wearing the jersey, recalling your childhood soccer games, and celebrating just like your favorite player.  Great memories, right?  

Today we are going to consider soccer from a different perspective.  We will see it as an expression of culture and arts.

Think of soccer as an expression of art, a connection with your culture.  You think this is not possible?  Ask any soccer fan and observe their response.

The big question is: How can there be such a strong bond between a sport and art?

If we try to explain it, we will probably not come through.  But… what if we allow Pablo Picasso to do it through his painting ‘Footballeur’ or some of his others lithographs?  Or Mario Benedetti, with his beautiful poem dedicated to Diego Armando Maradona?  And how could we forget Andy Warhol and his famous painting of Pelé, exhibited during the last World Cup at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art?  If you’re only a soccer fan, these names of artists might not sound familiar.  But if you’re an art lover,  you surelly know them.

The soccer exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art shows paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs of almost 30 artists.

This is evidence that there is a beauty in soccer that can be appreciated.  It all depends on the lens of the beholder.  Behind every player and every team, there are unknown stories of falls,  injuries, triumphs, defeats, joys, sorrows, triumphs and success.

For some, it is just a ball or another sport; an activity for entertainment.  For others, it is a way of escaping problems, a passion; it is life; it is art.  So, if you are a soccer lover, inside of you there is also an art lover.  Because we know you are a lover of the arts, we leave you with a poem about soccer for you to enjoy. 


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