5 Ways to Raise Prices While Keeping Your Customers

There’s many reasons your prices can and should increase as your business grows, but that doesn’t mean your customers are going to like it. Thankfully, there are proven strategies to raise the prices of your lawn care service without losing your customers. Generally speaking, if your business is growing so should your prices, up to Read More

7 Tips to Get Paid On Time for Service Industry Pros

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. Getting paid on time isn’t just nice — it’s survival. Here’s 7 indispensable tips to get paid on time. Tip #1: Make friends with your customers. If you only come around when you need money, chances are you’ll have a hard time collecting. Instead, find ways to Read More

The Banker to the Poor: Muhammad Yunus

Today we bring you the story of an entrepreneur who is dedicated to looking after the neediest: Muhammad Yunus. Muhammad Yunus is the creator of “microcredits” and “micro-financiers”. Microcredit is granting small loans to people in remote areas, to make easier for them to invest in their business and leave poverty little by little. “When Read More

The No. 1 Killer of Small Businesses

Spring has sprung, summer’s almost here, and work is picking up at a furious pace. In the middle of the chaos, it’s easy to lose track of your billing — which can threaten the health of your business. In fact, Forbes magazine contributor and CEO of Comparably, Jason Nazar is so hopeful about the future, Read More

Why have diversity in a workteam

By diversity we mean experience (areas of expertise), culture, personality, among other aspects. Having a diverse team, today, opens many doors and gives you a broad variety for solutions. In fact, nowadays, having diversity in a workteam, adds extra value to the business. A team with diversity gives many new options to the company. What Read More

MyGoCoOpe App: A Simple but Powerful Product We Built To Help Entrepreneurs!

We have written useful and relevant articles over the past two years to proudly help and inspire entrepreneurs and small business owners like you. As a major technology creator, we have been developing and perfecting our product. We would like to share our story and products with you. Why did we develop a small-business app? Read More

Tips for Brain Health

Our February article talks about the importance of lifestyle habits and elements such as the food we eat, which can potentially disrupt the bacterial balance in our intestines. When this happens, a series of events takes place in our body –leaky gut, immune response, inflammation– which affect all our system and eventually, our health.   Read More

Business Results Networking

In our previous article, we covered some basics and best practices of traditional business networking– events typically organized for business networking such as breakfast mixers, luncheons, after-hour gatherings. Now let’s get creative and explore this topic deeper! Networking, when done properly, can take considerable time depending on various factors. To help save you time, we Read More

Springtime: Time to Get Out and Network – in Person!

April 2017 will feature National Small Business Week (#DreamSmallBiz) in many cities across the U.S.  If you are one of our valued followers anywhere else in the world, most cities strive to promote economic development so perhaps similar events are available to you locally. Usually, such occasions offer free speaking events, seminars and ceremonies. This Read More

The man who started it all – Milton Hershey

Who was Milton Hershey?  Milton Hershey was a business person known for founding one of the largest chocolate factories in the world.  In spite of his incomplete studies and insufficient resources, he was able to build an empire in the chocolate industry. This great businessman was born September 13, 1857, in Pennsylvania.  At the young Read More