Are you interested in your message being available to more people, and opened promptly and easily? - eMobile can help!!

Drive Traffic to your business using text messages!

Try it out by sending the word “demosms” to 72727 to see try it out for yourself!


Create and send mass text messages, multimedia messages, and marketing campaigns.

Offer sales and coupons simultaneously to different customer groups, completely hassle-free!

Create microsites to send and attract traffic, with a simple text message!

Let you Customers sign themselves up using incoming Text and Website forms.

How can eMobile benefit your business?

Nowadays, everybody is connected to their mobile, reading text messages.

What if you could send promotions to all your customers in just a few minutes? What if you could create business pages and send them via text message? This and more is what eMobile can do for you!

GoCoOpe eMobile is a tool for businesses that need to get in touch with more customers and leads, without having to spend hours sending them one by one or creating copy for an email. Create massive marketing campaigns in minutes, with mini promotion sites and more, at a very comfortable price!

With eMobile, you can also set up sending date and time of reminders to customers or employees!

Your customers will be able to easily register to your delivery list by simply sending a text message with a keyword and a short code. Want to see how it works? Get your mobile out and send the word “test” as a text message to number 72727!


UDS$9 / month & One Time Setup: $40

  • No Mobile Sites
  • 1 x vCard included  ( 3 Max )
  • 1 x US Shortcodes (Shared)
  • 2 x US Keywords
  • 250 x Outgoing SMS in the US
    ($0.02 / additional)

Business Basic
UDS$30 / month & One Time Setup: $60

  • 1 x Mobile Sites
  • 2 x vCards included ( 8 Max )
  • 1 x US Shortcodes (Shared)
  • 10 x US Keywords
  • 1,000 x Outgoing SMS in the US
    ($0.018 / additional)

Business Pro
UDS$60 / month & One Time Setup: $90

  • 2 x Mobile Sites
  • 2 x vCards included ( 20 Max )
  • 2 x US Shortcodes (Shared)
  • 25 x US Keywords
  • 3,000 x Outgoing SMS in the US
    ($0.015 / additional)

UDS$99 / month & One Time Setup: $120

  • 4 x Mobile Sites
  • 4 x vCards included ( 50 Max )
  • 2 x US Shortcodes (Shared)
  • 50 x US Keywords
  • 7,000 x Outgoing SMS in the US
    ($0.01 / additional)

There’s still more you can do!

Send information in seconds.

Adapt your website content to add to a message.

Create mobile coupons as an incentive to attract more customers

Design flyers with your products or services plus images, PDRs, links, and more!