The Birth of Twitter

As a child, Jack Dorsey -one of the founders of Twitter- was fascinated observing how mass media informed the public.  He was very curious about how taxi drivers communicated, and how they were aware of the location of their routes.

When he got older, he realized that through the media he could find out about the activities of doctors, politicians and other public figures, but not what their friends were doing.

In 2006, Odeo -the company where Jack worked- began to stagger.  This led his co-founder, Evan William, to gather all their employees and organize a hackathon; in just two weeks, each team had to develop an idea.  Thus, Twitter was born.

Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone developed a prototype of Twitter.  After two weeks of hard work, they showed their idea to the Odeo team, which wasn’t impressed at all by their creation; their idea wasn’t well received.  Nevertheless, Dorsey and Stone couldn’t take Twitter off of their minds.  So they spoke with Evan and convinced him to bet on their idea.

Twitter was launched on 2007, and soon went from 20,000 to 60,000 tweets per day.  In March of that year, it won the South by Southwest Award in the Blog category.  In no time, from being just a good idea, Twitter became a very profitable business, since it was an excellent means for companies to advertise and broadcast.

Today, Twitter is worth millions of dollars, and is the second most important social network worldwide.

Do you have an idea?  Don’t let it die.  Find out if it is feasible and profitable.  Find a way and the resources that will enable you to refine and boost your project.

The hardest thing for any entrepreneur is getting started.” – Jack Dorsey


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