Miguel Malo and his story with Photography

After many years, the image of what inspired Miguel to become a professional photographer is still vivid in his mind.  When he was 14, his eldest brother brought home a set of photos of food he had taken and produced at a professional level.

“The moment I saw the images, I was so strongly attracted to them that it has never left me.  It was right there and then that I knew photography was my calling.”

Miguel has a bachelor’s degree in Communication.  Since 1989, he has been a professional photographer.  “My passion is using this fascinating tool as a universal language of communication.”

He frequently tells his wife and three children:

“Doing what you love is like being on vacations all the time, or better, since you get payed for it!”

He describes the family business as one that focuses on solving the customer’s needs integrally, effectively communicating the desired message through photography.   

Every project has a cycle and the following phases: counseling, planning, photographic production, edition and post-production.    

Customers are unaware of the implications and requirements of a good photograph.  An example is the series of pictures above.  The product, that has been handpicked and carefully prepared for the photos, is rounded, made of a very reflective material, and has a mirror finish.  It naturally reflects everything in the environment – table, walls, ceiling, camera and tripod.

What catches the spectator’s eye is not the product, but rather the objects reflected on it, which are in total disarray and have nothing to do with the message to be transmitted.  

This is where the photographer’s experience and knowledge have their place, as he advises, detects and solves in advance the problems he could face with regards to the image.

When asked if he considered at any point he could do photography as a living, he says he did not have time to think about this.  Since the very first moment, he knew that this would be his profession.

He considers his market as “whoever believes in and values the importance of photography as a means for transmitting a message.”

Some of his specialties in photography are architecture, food and aerial shots, as well as industrial, urban, institutional and product photography, and the political, medical and scientific arenas.

Miguel also contributes with his productions to the iStockphoto image bank.  Through it, he can reach a public he does not know, but appreciates and chooses his work.  Another aspect of his work that he enjoys very much is being able to share what he has learned as a photographer by means of courses for the general public.

He shares he has found obstacles and has fallen on the way, but considers this an essential part of the maturity process both of an individual and an organization.  “Through them, I have been able to reflect on and correct all kinds of flaws and situations.  My areas of opportunity reposition me, make me stronger, and give me a greater passion for what I do.”

He remembers and tells us about a difficult experience he faced.  A certain business had asked him to produce a series of photos for them.  They sent along a supervisor who knew absolutely nothing about photography.  In trying to fulfill his function of monitoring, he continuously voiced questions and anything he considered not correct.

When Miguel explained the technical and professional reasons for his decisions, he would respond excusing himself saying he knew nothing about photography, and that Miguel was the expert.  All the while, Miguel was thinking, “If you know nothing about photography, then let me do my work!”

“Never allow this kind of people to drain you emotionally.  Work with them who do want to work, who value your abilities and capacities.”

He considers that success has multiple factors.  It is a combination of patience, readiness, knowledge and quality service, among others.

His greatest professional satisfaction is being able to share everything about his daily experiences with his wife and children.

The best advertising is by recommendation of satisfied customers.  People can also find him through his web page.  He uses email and social media to share his “Photo of the week”, with the details, process and technical specifications of the picture.  

His goal is to increase customers in Mexico and Texas.  In order to have a more interesting and innovative offer, he wants to implement new lighting techniques, and move into combining photography and illustration in a very fine way.

As far as entrepreneurship, he believes undertaking a business and having success are never easy.  If they were, anyone would do it.

He gives entrepreneurs some advice:

1.- Make sure your dream is genuine -something that is in your heart.

2.- Justify your proposal in a practical way.

3.- Make sure it is the right time to launch your project.  Otherwise, continue working on it.  You will know when the right moment arrives.   

4.- Surround yourself with people that believe in you and your project.  Once you are successful, many will try to sabotage you emotionally; even your closest friends.  

5.- Go on in spite of obstacles and longer than expected delays.

6.- Keep an open attitude towards criticism, and consider it.  It could help you see your blind spots.

7.- Renew yourself, bring virtue and added value to your product or service.

Miguel considers Go CoOpe as an excellent means of letting others know who you are and where to find you, as well as learning what others are doing in and through Go CoOpe.   

“I recommend you use this new information platform (Go CoOpe) to find out what people are offering, and to stay updated.”

Miguel Malo is a professional photographer, with over 25 years of experience in specialty photography, in the areas of architecture, food, industrial, scientific, corporate, advertising and product, among others.  His perfectionism, knowledge and experience are evidenced in the quality of his work and customers’ satisfaction.


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